S Vassanth Kumar

Managing Director

With over 11 years of experience as an accomplished leader, has demonstrated a consistent track record of success in various areas including General Management, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Operations, and administrative roles. Their expertise in these fields is a testament to their exceptional leadership skills and ability to drive results. As a highly skilled professional, Kumar possesses exceptional planning, strategic thinking, and implementation abilities. With a proven track record of managing $10 million in annual revenues, Kumar exudes a strong sense of self-assurance when it comes to his ability to produce favourable results.

As a skilled business operator, Kumar has successfully managed various key functions, including customer relationship management, administration, vendor management, and product development and pricing. My approach is always tailored to meet the specific needs of the market and customers, ensuring that all aspects of the business are optimised for success.

Moreover, he has spearheaded triumphant business process reengineering endeavours by conducting comprehensive analyses of current processes, pinpointing opportunities for enhancement, and executing efficient strategies to optimise process functionality.

Kumar possesses exceptional communication abilities and a talent for fostering teamwork, negotiating effectively, delivering compelling presentations, and conducting thorough analyses.

Being a part of bilingual and diverse work environments can offer a plethora of opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Experienced in handling Aspects of Business Operations
Negotiation Tactics
Working in Multilingual and Cross-Cultural Environments
Skilled planner
Developing and Executing Effective Strategies
General Management
Product Development and Pricing
Administrative Roles
Implementing Effective Measures